My Adorable Furry Trio

My extended family.  To get these three to sit side by side long enough to get a picture was a major deal.  These are my babies who always manage to put a smile on my face.

Gus Gus (named after the chubby mouse in Walt Disney’s Cinderella).  Ginger, who Annette named.  And then there is Deano, named after Dean Martin.   He became orphaned when Mom died and, of course, we took him in.

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Rest In Peace Little Dog

                “For the soul of every living  thing is in the hand of God.”   Job 12:10

               Marlena suffered the loss of her dog (her constant companion of 14 years), who was simply named Little Dog.  I know how awful this feels having been through it with my cat, Thimbles.  Our pets are a huge part of our lives.  In Little Dog’s memory I am going to make a special donation to the SPCA in hopes that all animals may be taken care of and find a good home the way Little Dog had.  So rest in peace Little Dog.  My prayers go out to Marlena and the rest of her family.

Pets Are People Too

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