“I Made HALF Of It Myself”

Every seamstress knows that feeling of satisfaction she gets when someone compliments on what she is wearing and with great pride she can blurt out “I made it myself.” 

On a recent shopping trip I found this cute little number: 

It was reasonably priced and I knew it would fit without trying it on.  However, I’m quiet old fashioned and it proved to be too short to my liking.  My dresses/skirts have to be at least below the knee or longer.  However, I really liked the dress.

So I took two yards of black fabric which matched the original skirt in feel as well as color.  Then I proceeded to detach the bodice from the skirt.  

Now it was just a matter of making a new skirt – straight stitch and overlock on my serger.  Attach the bodice to the skirt and hem it.  Oh, a ball point needle is always a blessing with this kind of soft knit with a touch of spandex.  


Now it is perfect for me.

  Oh, the rewards of sewing!

Bunny Huns and Rodi Rabbit

I would like to share with you a pair of Easter bunnies I made for my Easter decor previously.  They are my most popular Easter decorations.  Both are approximately three feet tall with felt bodies.  A poplin suit and dotted swiss dress.  Bunny Huns and Rodi bring back a lot of fond Easter memories.  Annette had so much fun growing up with this pair!

Meet Kerry O’Clary The Leprechaun

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I made a leprechaun who is a real cutie.  Meet Kerry O’Clary.  He is 18″ tall and jointed.   His jacket and shoes are a suede type fabric with little gold beads for “cuff links.”  The shirt is cotton with lace on the cuffs.  Pants are a lightweight wool while the vest is lightweight corduroy.  He has gray stretch stockings and his entire body is a flesh colored soft stretch velour, which is easy for stuffing.  The face I embroidered and used doll hair for the beard and all other facial/head hair.  (Actually, he is bald under the hat).  All Kerry needs is an Irish girlfriend and he is ready to go!

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